Monthly Archives: May 2013

White Paper: The Case for UBI in Ontario


The high cost of auto insurance in Ontario, as well as related concerns over accountability, fairness and transparency are politically hot issues in the province today; so much so, that the presiding government’s continued viability rests, in part, on how it will respond.

This paper is a call to action for Ontario policymakers, regulators and insurers to mandate and implement telematics-enabled usage based insurance (UBI) as a critical platform for resolving these issues. It argues that UBI provides the best means for delivering a fairer, more accurate, more transparent and more defensible product to the driving public. Instead of treating UBI as a niche product, useful only for delivering benefits to a select few, UBI could be deployed to properly redistribute premium across the market. A simple model is included in the document to illustrate how this would play out.

The technology and the underlying concepts have been proven in other jurisdictions. There is no reason not to establish whole market objectives for, and move purposefully toward the implementation of, UBI in Ontario.

Download a PDF copy of the white paper here: The Case for UBI in Ontario