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White Paper: Ms. X in Freedom Plaza – Is Usage Based Insurance a Pathway to Greater Privacy, Not Less?


Privacy is a very real concern for technology users and there is an assumption that deploying UBI will be necessarily invasive.

In fact, UBI offers the chance to enhance privacy. With telematics-delivered driving data, insurers will potentially become less concerned with who is driving the car and more concerned with how it is being driven. The need to collect personal information currently used as proxies for rating purposes will diminish.

Rules need to be established around what data may be collected, how it may be used and who may use it. Enhanced privacy could be among the many benefits UBI makes available to the driving public.

Download a PDF copy of the white paper here: Ms. X in Freedom Plaza – UBI & Privacy

See Andrew Clark’s article in Globe Drive August 28, 2013, Big Brother is behind the wheel (link below). Not the sort of coverage that will foster adoption of telematics/UBI.